Policies & Guidelines

The Entrepreneurs Fellowship (A division of EFS)


  • To share business opportunities that may result in the Entrepreneur’s Business Growth.
  • To share the success stories and enjoy each other’s growth.
  • To acknowledge the business opportunity and help received through Fellows
  • To create an ecosystem of partnership called ‘Affinity Group’ based on the affinity among the businesses of Fellows to achieve excellence.
  • To establish monitoring committees to monitor the overall conduct of members and ‘Affinity Groups’ as a whole.
  • To facilitate sessions by experts in various areas through different means of interactions
  • To create expert groups based on knowledge areas as decided from time to time to help the Fellows in their personal and professional growth.


  • Fellow should be an owner of Startup or SME or a senior person representing a company.
  • A Fellow cannot be part of multiple TEF Units
  • Fellows have the onus of expanding the TEF Unit by bringing Friends whom you feel requires help from TEF Unit and also these Friends are capable of bringing Strong business connects.

Induction of a Fellow to a chapter.

  • Every Visitor is considered as a Guest of TEFs
  • On submission of application with due verification, a guest may be allowed to continue for 2 sessions as Friend.
  • Screening Committee will evaluate the application from Friend and a due diligence report will be submitted to Management Committee.
  • If the management committee of TEFs feels that a Friend can contribute to the business growth of Fellows, then with mutual consent, a Friend may be graduated as Fellow of a Unit.
  • A Fellow joined in a particular Unit can leave the unit within one month of joining without any commitments. Fellow leaving the Unit within one month is eligible for the refund of the yearly fee with a deduction of 10% of yearly fee and also any applicable taxes. In addition, if the member leaves within one month, Unit will return the 50% of monthly fee collected [from the quarterly collection].
  • In case of medical emergency, a Fellow to make sure someone senior represents the Company attend the meeting as nominee. If such arrangement is not possible, Fellow to produce a medical certificate. However, fellow must pay the full meeting expenditure on a quarterly basis.
  • In case a Fellow going out of station for a long duration as Sabbatical, s/he to make sure someone responsible from the company replaces the Fellow as nominee.

Following are the conditions for granting a Sabbatical:

  • The Fellow must give 1 month notice to the Unit for the approval as Sabbatical
  • Provision of Sabbatical is for a maximum period of 3 months.
  • While applying for Sabbatical, membership should be valid for atleast 2 months
  • All dues must be cleared by the Fellow.
  • Fellow can represent only one business as primary business category in the Unit.
  • A company may induct multiple Fellows to a Unit representing multiple businesses of the same company. In each case, before admitting a person, the committee will evaluate the strength of the particular business s/he represents.
  • When a company inducts an Employee as the Fellow in TEF, the employee has to sign special code of conduct. Such requests needs the approval of Screening Committee.
  • If there is a complaint regarding the bad service or integrity or ethical standards, TEF has the authority to terminate a Fellow after receiving an approval from EFS. In such event, Grievance Cell of the Unit has to submit a report with proper supporting to EFS. EFS with the consensus from TEF will decide the matter.
  • While introducing a Friend, Fellows to notify the Screening committee in case of any conflict in business interest.
    EFS to nominate committees to ensure the smooth and professional functioning of the Unit. Some of the committees recommended are ‘Welcome’, ‘Screening’, ‘Leadership’, etc. One third of the committee will rotate every 3 months to ensure effective participation and professional growth of Fellows.
  • The term of Core Group / Leadership Team will be a minimum of 1 year.
  • There is provision to record the Grievance in the portal. However, every grievance must have a suggested solution put forth by the Fellow who raising the Grievance.
  • Fellows to enter relevant details as stipulated from time-time into EFS portal to improve the efficiency of administrative process and to ensure transparency in overall conduct.
  • Every Fellow must talk about a minute about the other member’s business in the Fellowship meeting. When a new Fellow is inducted, every existing Fellow must understand new Fellow’s business and talk about the same within 5 meetings.
  • A fellow joining the Unit to present his/her business to the Unit in a 5 minute session during the induction or as scheduled by the Welcome Committee.
  • Every fellow to devote time to understand other fellow’s business by arranging ‘KnowEachOther’ meetings. ‘KnowEachOther’ meetings are initiated by the Fellows in their business premises or any place as suitable.
  • A Fellow can visit another unit ONE time with the prior approval of Leadership team of both Units. A Fellow may visit a maximum of 5 Units in a year.
  • Fellows to attend all the expert talks organized by EFS or TEF. Any additional expenditure required for such function need to be paid as intimated.
  • The logo and other printed materials of EFS / TEF are the intellectual property of EFS. Fellows are not allowed to use them without prior permission from EFS.

Administrative Policies:

  • Membership fee is preferred to be paid as cheque or DD in the name of Entrepreneurs Fellowship Society. Receipt will be issued after the amount is realized in the bank account. Card Payment will be accepted when such facility is available. In the case of direct transfer of amount, the Fellow to provide transaction id and other details to Treasurer, Jt Treasurer and President.
  • In the TEF, any expenditure needs to be notified to Treasurer, Jt Treasurer, President, and Secretary through email. An approval process will follow.
  • In the Units, any expenditure needs to be notified to Treasurer, Jt Treasurer, President, and Secretary through email. An approval process will follow.


  • In case the Fellow is out of station, s/he must make a genuine attempt to attend relevant portion of the meeting through the mechanism like Telecon/Videocon/ Skype or any other electronic means that is available from time-to-time.
  • Fellow has to take pre-approval of the Core group /Leadership with a minimum of two weeks advanced notice. Based on this, a slot of fixed time will be allotted for the Fellow to speak. It’s Fellow’s responsibility to make requisite arrangements. Fellow can avail this facility only 3 times a year.
  • Fellows are advised to enter the suggestions in the portal to improve the functioning of the Unit and TEF.
  • Fellows may attend all the Inter Unit meetings diligently to gain personal and professional benefit. In each of these meeting see the possibility of strong connects for other Fellows in your unit.