1. Can there be change in the name of member after registering?

Answer: Yes, the Unit leadership will have to accept the new member of the same company after he/she completes the mandatory Guest and Friend cycle of attending the meetings, as

(a) The individual from the company is the member.

(b) If the company wishes to replace the member with a different member of staff, that new member must complete the cycle of Guest, Friend. Until such approval is confirmed, the new staff member is attending the chapter meetings in the role of a substitute for the old staff member, and not as a member in their own right.

2. Can there be a transfer of Members between Units of EFS ?

Answer: Allowing members to change unit at will because another one might be a little more convenient to their home or business would have a serious impact on the stability of the Unit. It would not be fair to the other members of the Unit to allow this, and would also mean that all the time that the person had invested in building up
relationships in their Unit would be wasted, and they would have to start again from
scratch in the Unit.

3. The provision for Leave of Absence on Medical Grounds?

Answer: Yes, Up to 12 weeks medical leave of absence can be obtained only if a member or a member of their family is unable to attend Units meetings for serious medical reasons. Membership committees must approve such leave of absence and keep a record of the dates for which it applies. Medical leave of absence which has been agreed should be recorded in the Membership Committee minutes. During the time that the member is away with leave of absence, the chapter must hold their position open for them and the clock continues to run. There is no such thing as a short-term medical leave of absence. If a member needs to miss a meeting for minor medical reasons, they should get a substitute as usual. It is not in the member’s interest to obtain leave of absence for conditions that will endure for longer than 12 weeks.

4.What is the best way on the substitutes ?

Answer: Some chapters mistakenly believe that having a list of willing members and ex-members from other Units is a good way to have substitute. In reality, while it undoubtedly appears easier for members if they don’t have to ‘find’ a substitute for themselves, in the long run they, and every one else in the Unit, get less Connects. Every substitute should be a potential customer for other members in the Unit. More importantly, many ‘genuine’ substitutes become interested in joining the Unit they visit. Units are invariably stronger, grow more quickly and pass more business, when they discourage regular substitute lists and encourage all members to find their own substitute when necessary.